list1 «lihst», noun, verb.
1. a series of names, numbers, words, or phrases; catalog or roll usually consisting of a column or series of names, figures, words, or the like: »

a shopping list.

2. all the stocks or other securities officially entered and traded on a stock exchange.
1. to make a list of; enter in a list: »

A dictionary lists words in alphabetical order. I shall list my errands on a card.

2. to enter (a stock or other securities) on the list of those traded on an exchange.
3. to enroll (soldiers); enlist.
1. to be listed.
2. to have one's name entered upon the list of a military body; enlist.
[< French liste, ultimately < Germanic (compare Old High German līsta strip border, English list2)]
list´a|ble, adjective.
Synonym Study noun. 1 List, catalog, roll mean a series of names of items. List is the general word applying to a series of names, figures, or words: »

This is the list of the people who are going to the picnic.

Catalog applies to a complete list arranged alphabetically or according to some other system, often with short descriptions of the items: »

Has the new mail-order catalog come?

Roll applies to a list of the names of all members of a group: »

His name is on the honor roll.

list2 «lihst», noun, adjective, verb.
1. the edge of cloth where the material is a little different; selvage.
2. a cheap fabric made out of such edges.
3. any strip of fabric.
4. a narrow strip of wood cut from the edge of a plank, especially sapwood.
5. Architecture. a square molding; fillet.
6. a stripe of color: »

Gartered with a red and blue list (Shakespeare).

7. U.S. a strip of ground, especially one of the ridges or furrows made by a lister.
8. one of the divisions of a head of hair or of a bearddefn>Obsolete. a) a border, hem, or bordering strip (of anything). b) a limit; bound; boundary. c) an encircling palisade; railed or staked enclosure.
made of list: »

a list carpet. ... her quiet tread muffled in a list slipper (Charlotte Brontë).

1. to put list around the edges of; border or edge.
2. to cover an object with list.
3. to cut a narrow strip from the edge of (a plank); shape (a block) by chopping.
4. U.S. Dialect. to prepare (land), especially for a crop of corn or cotton, with a lister or by making alternate strips and beds.
[Old English līste]
list3 «lihst», noun, verb.
the act or condition of tipping to one side, as caused by unequal distribution of weight in a ship; tilt: »

The sinking ship had a list that was so far over water lapped its decks.

to tip to one side, as a ship; careen; heel; tilt: »

The sinking ship had listed so far that water lapped its decks.

to cause a tipping or list in (a ship): »

The shifting cargo had listed the storm-tossed freighter.

[perhaps extended use of list4, noun]
list4 «lihst», verb, noun. Archaic.
to be pleasing to; please: »

Me lists not to speak. When it listeth him to call them to an account (Sir Walter Raleigh).

to like; wish: »

The enemy plundered where they listed.

appetite; desire; longing; inclination: »

I had little list or leisure to write (Thomas Fuller).

[Old English lystan < lust pleasure]
list5 «lihst», Archaic.
to listen: »

Go forth, under the open sky, and list to Nature's teachings (William Cullen Bryant). List, list; I hear Some far off hallo break the silent air (Milton).

to listen to; hear: »

Elves, list your names (Shakespeare).

[Old English hlystan, related to hlyst hearing. Compare etym. under listen.]

Useful english dictionary. 2012.

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